Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Test flight of Hydropteron 2009

The Hydropteron two-seat full composite amphibian is one of our most exciting prototype for the recreational market, developed by Idea-Aircraft Llc. based in Miskolc.
The aircraft is equipped with Rotax engine and has a variable pitch pushing propeller. Cruising speed is set at 180 km/h.
It will debut in April 2009 during Aero Fridrichshafen in Germany.

EL-TECH Center will host an Incubation House

Hungary's R&D Minister Károly Molnár and Indian ambassador to Hungary Ranjit Rae laid the cornerstone of a more than HUF 2 billion (EUR 7.72 million) R&D center in Budapt on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008.
EL-TECH Center, a consortium of four companies including BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics will host 8-10 technology companies and provide work for about 300 people, said Károly Kazi, managing director.
The grand opening of the ICT center is planned in June 2010. The center will also serve as an Aerospace ICT Incubation House for SME-s.

Hungarian Experimental Mini-Satellite

Budapest University of Technology and Economics started to develop the first experimental Hungarian mini-sattelite. Three University departments and two companies are taking part in the project. CAD-Terv Llc. Is taking part in the CAD design, BHE Electronics Llc. will ground-test the 1kg sattelite.
The MaSat-1 will be able to function for 3 month at 2000km above the earth. The major systems are: high reliablity power supply system, low power-consumption communication system, redundant on-board data acquisition and computer system, orientation monitoring and control system.
The project cost is planned for 30 million HUF. The launch of the satellite is planned at the beginning of 2010.